7 Mistakes Owners Make When Listing Their Home For Sale and How to Avoid Them

– The top 3 tips to position your home as the #1 choice for potential buyers.

– The most costly mistake sellers make selling their home

– What to do if you have not sold your home in 90 days.

7 Mistakes Owners Make When Listing Their Home For Sale And How To Avoid Them

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The biggest mistake a homeowner can make is trying to sell the home on their own. Let me explain. According to the National Association of Realtors, FSBO’s (For Sale By Owner’s) sold their homes for 16% less than if they were agent assisted. If you are sick, you go to the doctor. If you are accused of a crime, you get an attorney. So needlessly to say, if you need to buy or sell a home you should call a Real Estate Professional with the Realtor designation. If you feel that the Realtors you have met are not up to your standard, then this leads me to number 2.

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2. Choosing the WRONG REALTOR!

Instead of picking a friend of a friend or a relative or someone who is great working with buyer, pick someone who is great at listing and selling homes. Someone with a real track record for selling homes. Someone who can sit with you and give you a plan on how they intend to sell your home.


If you hire a Realtor and they pull out their cellular photo to snap photos of your home, ask them to leave and hire someone else. The photos of your home are the first impression most buyers and buyer agents will have of your home. They go online, on marketing pieces, on social media and so much more. Pictures MUST BE AMAZING for you to get the RIGHT BUYER in your home.

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5. OVERPRICING your home!

If you followed #1 then you hired the right Realtor. That Realtor should bring you a strong market analysis to help guide you in your pricing strategy. It’s always best to price it right the first time rather than “test the market” with a higher price. You do not set the price – We do not set the price – The market sets the price.

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6. Being Unprepared for the Next Step!

I cannot tell you how many times a seller has told me, “Oh gosh! I didn’t think it would sell that quickly” and they are now unprepared for the next step. Start planning the second you put your home on the market. Where are you going to move? Have you seen homes there already? Is it time for a yard sale?

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7. Don’t let the kids or pets spoil the deal!

Kids and pets bring enormous emotional attachment to the home. Take them out for a ride so the buyers can envision themselves in the home with their family. Its important to keep the home as neutral as possible.

The top 3 tips to position your home as the #1 choice for potential buyers:

1. Price it right!
2. Keep it clean, neat and very presentable! Showroom quality!
3. Make sure its marketed to its full potential by a qualified Real Estate Professional.

What to do if you have not sold your home in 90 days…

1. You may not be priced well. If you have not had any traffic, you are priced way to high. Probably close to 15% over market value. If you are getting some traffic but no offers, you may be 5%-10% over market value! Consider this scale when thinking about what to do on day 90.

2. Consider the marketing. I believe in marketing. Sit with your agent and ask them what they have done to market the home in the last 90 days. If you are not satisfied, ask them what else they intend to do! If you are satisfied with their marketing, go back to #1!

3. Get creative! Sometimes agents can help you get creative with selling your home. Speak with the professional you hired and come up with ideas that could help bring exposure to your home. Maybe a Broker Invite Only Cocktail is in order.