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Top 10 Things Buyers Want in A House

1: Security & Privacy

Buyers prioritise their safety first, especially for families (which is a large majority of buyers).. They look for houses that provide both security and privacy. Houses with security features such as motion-activated lighting, regular maintenance like roofing, windows, doors etc. and also fencing or greenery that provides a sense of privacy.

2: Storage

There’s no such thing as too much storage! When you’re selling your home, if you have a lot of storage like built-in wardrobes, cupboards, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, or outdoor storage, make a point of it.. If you currently don’t have that, see if there’s something you can do to add more storage somewhere in your home. Nobody likes being cramped!

3: Modern Kitchen and Bathroom

These are the two of the most important features of a house. Revamping your bathroom and kitchen, especially the kitchen, can provide a great return on investment when you sell the house. Buyers who would see a pristine bathroom and large, modern kitchen will definitely be more interested in putting in an offer.

4: Bedrooms

Aside from bathrooms and the kitchen, you need to see if your bedrooms are large enough. Not just the main suite but all bedrooms, as people are usually accommodating for kids. Check if they have built-in storage and enough space for a number of furniture. Make sure to highlight this when you’re talking to buyers (they love an ensuite too if you have one!).

5: Natural light

Natural lighting is always a big selling point. Large windows and skylights can help you achieve that. This is also REALLY important when you’re styling or hosting open - homes. Make sure you open all the windows and let the sun shine in.

6: Living areas

Homes with two or more living spaces aside from the main living room are also sought-after by buyers, especially buyers who have children. Having more than one living area allows children to play in a separate area so make sure to mention any extra living areas you have, even if it’s small.

7: Outdoor living area

Living in Queensland - people love to be outside! When you have visitors, an outdoor area is perfect for entertaining especially in our QLD weather. An outdoor entertaining area is a great selling point - enhance it more by providing comfortable furniture that could withstand the weather. Go here for more outdoors styling ideas.

8: Green space

Almost everyone loves a bit of nature! Having space for a backyard is also one of homebuyers’ priorities when looking for a new home. Make sure that your backyard looks good by planting some flowers and mowing the lawn. (Pro tip - make the garden look great, but keep it low-maintenance. Not many people want to have to become a part-time landscaper when they buy a home!)

9: Open spaces

Open living spaces are all the rage, especially in modern houses. Having one big space instead of different sections of house has some benefits - to entertain visitors better and have better sight lines of your home. Nonetheless, open living spaces can attract buyers.

10: A feeling of home

At the end of the day - this is what matters. A home is somewhere you can come to no matter what has happened throughout the day. Buyers need to see themselves living happily in your house, to having that feeling of relief, warmth and comfort.

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“"Ray is a very professional, knowledgeable and courteous real estate agent. I highly recommend you use him. He negotiated a fantastic deal for us. It was easy and smooth.“”

Valeria I.

““Ray is an outstanding agent to work with. He is a skilled listener and negotiator, with very in-depth knowledge of the local markets. Without a doubt, I would seek him out immediately for any and all my Real Estate transactions.””

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“Ray is a very professional, knowledgeable and courteous real estate agent. I highly recommend you use him. He negotiated a fantastic deal for us. It was easy and smooth.”

Valeria Ibarra